Museum of the Future: An engineering miracle in the Emirates

Museum of the Future is an international engineering icon that embodies the originality of Arabic language and Museum of the Future is an Emirati engineering miracle. The UAE government has sought to complete Museum of the Future to highlight the architectural beauty and construction sector in the ancient UAE.

Museum of the Future built on an area of 30,000 square meters, 77 meters high and it consists of 7 floors. Perhaps the most important characteristic of Museum of the Future is the absence of columns inside it and this is what made it a focus for everyone's attention.

It is worth noting that the museum is linked to two bridges, the first extending to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers with a length of 69 meters, and the second linking it to the metro station Emirates Towers with a length of 212 meters. Furthermore, the museum is classified with the highest classification of green buildings in the world, as the yard surrounding the museum consists of about 80 species of plants. In addition to being equipped with an intelligent irrigation system of the latest levels.

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