Developmental Projects in the UAE: Expo 2020 Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is witnessing a huge global event for 2020 as the three thematic areas of Expo 2020 Dubai have been completed. Thus, the UAE is ready to receive the necessary equipment to host the first international event of its kind in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The three districts were built on an area of 168,000 sqm and required 100 million hours and 40,000 professional workers.

The project includes 86 multi-use buildings spread over 3 petals, which are 33 opportunity buildings, 21 sustainability buildings, and 32 mobility buildings. These petals connect to Al Wasl Plaza, which is covered by Al Wasl Dome and surrounded by 5 multi-use buildings. Indeed, they constitute the largest building area of Expo and include the suites of countries participating in this major event. In addition to many food and beverage outlets, retail outlets, and spaces for shows and entertainment.

Expo 2020 Dubai seeks to actively contribute to supporting the growth and prosperity of the UAE and its development plans. It will be located in Dubai South area near the cargo and air transport centres, in an ideal location between the largest airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. To learn more about Expo 2020 Dubai, click on the following link:Click (HERE)

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